Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is the Spartan Diet?

A: We believe the Spartan Diet is the healthiest diet in history. Informed by ancient practices, new science and nine years of development, the Spartan Diet is not another weight-loss plan or fitness fad, but a revolution in healthy living.

In the book, you'll discover how to find, choose, store, cook, serve and eat the world's healthiest foods for maximum energy, total fitness and incredible physical and mental strength. You'll learn how and why to make lifestyle changes that activate your new diet. And if you're like most Spartan Dieters, you'll acquire a whole new perspective on food, health and life.

Q: When will the book be published?

A: The Spartan Diet book will be published during the 2018 calendar year.

Q: What foods are on the Spartan Diet? 

A: The Spartan Diet emphasizes food quality, and categorically rejects industrial food. (We go into detail about exactly what industrial food is in the book.) Because the highest-quality foods are unavailable as prepared foods in most restaurants and grocery stores, most Spartan Diet foods are made from scratch at home. In the book, we'll show you where to buy these foods, and how to prepare them for maximum deliciousness and health.  

Q: Why is it called "The Spartan Diet"?

A: There are three reasons why we call our diet "The Spartan Diet." First, the diet is based at its core on the diet of the classical-era Sparta. Key elements of this diet included olive oil as the primary fat source, wine as the sole alcoholic beverage, and fermented ancient grain as the primary grain. The ancient Spartans favored wild game over domesticated, goat-milk cheese and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. ur Spartan Diet includes foods from all over the world, but the "original Spartan diet" is it's foundation. 

Second, the ancient Spartans are our best historic example of a wealthy society that managed to eat frugally and well, without descending into unhealthy foods and lifestyles.

And third, the Spartans provide many other examples involving self-development, fitness, preparedness and others that are worth following.